Update: Added official teaser trailer for Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail expansion and also FFXIV Xbox Series X|S version information.

Square Enix just announced the Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail expansion at Fanfest 2023. Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail arrives in summer 2024 and will head to the new world. More details on the expansion are forthcoming, and I will update this when Square Enix reveals more from it. We just had Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.45 go live for the current game as well. You can watch the Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail trailer in the keynote at Final Fantasy XIV Fanfest 2023 day 1 below or here:

Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail screenshots

Check out the screenshots from the official reveal stream below. I will update this with official screenshots when they are released.

Final Fantasy XIV Xbox Series X|S release date

An open beta test will take place during Patch 6.5x and the official release in planned for spring 2024 on Xbox Series X|S.

I’m interested to see what Square Enix does to celebrate A Realm Reborn’s launch and whether it pays some tribute to 1.0 in the current version of Final Fantasy XIV. We will likely learn more about this at Fanfest 2023 throughout the event. I hope we get a Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail expansion PS5 physical release as well.

As of this writing, platforms have not been announced, but I imagine it will release on PS4 as well as PS5 and PC. This update should also bring in the visual overhaul, but it is going to be interesting to see the roll out on that.

Final Fantasy XIV is out now on PS5, PS4, and PC platforms worldwide. It is coming to Xbox Series X|S in spring 2024.

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